Exploring the fascinating world of AI

Team LMU participates in the “I’m a scientist” initiative.

by Maximilian Eder

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Illustration: Wissenschaft im Dialog (WiD)

The initiative aims to introduce school pupils to the concepts and developments of AI while encouraging critical thinking and meaningful discussions with scientists. The participants, a diverse group of enthusiastic pupils, gathered during the last two weeks to embark on a journey of exploration and discovery.

Throughout the different online sessions of this year's discussion round, school pupils had the opportunity to discuss many exciting questions about the topic with, among other scientists, Maximilian Eder from the LMU Munich team. The pupils enthusiastically shared their insights, thoughts, and questions, like how chatbots communicate with people, what impact AI has on human creativity, and if ChatGPT will write all our texts.

The discussions on AI communication proved to be an enlightening and thought-provoking experience for the participating pupils. This workshop served as a stepping stone towards nurturing their interest in AI and preparing them to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of this transformative technology.

About the initiative

“I'm a Scientist. Get me out of here!” is an online project by Wissenschaft im Dialog (WiD), an initiative of Germany’s scientific community, together with the RHET AI Center at the University of Tübingen and is funded by the Volkswagen Foundation. The main goal is to enable school pupils to interact directly with scientists.

In written live chats and via the website, the pupils enter dialog with scientists, learn about their daily work, and about the topics they are researching. The students vote for their favorite scientists and ultimately choose a winner of 500,– EUR.

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