Developing an AI checklist for media organisations

by Maximilian Eder

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Illustration: Microsoft Bing’s image creator with the prompt “AI procurement by media organizations”

In a post on the Generative AI in the Newsroom blog, Stanislaw Piasecki and Natali Helberger from the University of Amsterdam summarize their upcoming empirical research.

Recently, efforts have been made to support the responsible adoption of AI tools. Against this background, the research team's Stanislaw Piasecki and Helberger from the University of Amsterdam explore the considerations involved with AI procurement by media organizations in the context of contractual negotiations. They aim to answer how contracts can influence the sustainability and feasibility of AI adoption. While applicable for different stakeholders, guidance on AI procurement could be especially beneficial for local and regional media due to their limited experience implementing AI technologies within their organizational structures and their highly unequal negotiation positions.

The blog post includes a checklist (developed based on the research findings) containing an initial list of questions to support media organizations in choosing and identifying responsible AI solutions. The checklist has also been included in the recently published Council of Europe Guidelines on the responsible implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) systems in journalism.

About the project

The Generative AI in the Newsroom project is a joint effort from researchers to determine how and when (or when not) to use generative AI in news production. The project is led by Nicholas Diakopoulos (Northwestern University).

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