Team LMU participates in the FokusLMU event series

by Maximilian Eder

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Illustration: LMU Munich

Society, politics, and the economy need new ideas to find answers to the diverse questions relating to artificial intelligence (AI). The FokusLMU event series aims to provide impulses from teaching and research as AI poses unique challenges in many ways.

Until a few years ago, AI was a relatively unknown term that outlined the complexity of new digital possibilities and machine learning. Now, AI applications have arrived in everyday life and are increasingly determining professional, private, and social-cultural environments.

Against this background, Maximilian Eder from the LMU Munich team discussed his research with other LMU scientists across disciplines in the live streamed event titled Understanding artificial intelligence: Opportunities, limits, and dangers. He gave insights regarding the impact AI already has today in journalism and its consequences for democratic discourse.

About the event

With the event series FokusLMU - Fenster zur Wissenschaft, renowned academics from LMU Munich shed light on topics that shape society from various specialist perspectives, provide insights into their research, and discuss relevant issues of our time across disciplines.

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