Unveiling the power of AI and algorithms

Team LMU participates at the Xplanatorium Science Slam

by Maximilian Eder

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Illustration: Formf├╝rsorge VolkswagenStiftung

By blending scientific knowledge with entertainment, a science slam creates a unique environment for scientists and researchers to showcase their work and ideas. Therefore, the 2023 science slam at the Xplanatorium featured a diverse lineup of passionate researchers, including Maximilian Eder from the LMU Munich team, who discussed the implications of algorithms in everyday life and the need for responsible AI.

Each presenter had a limited time to deliver an engaging and informative talk, using storytelling and humor to convey complex concepts to the audience, which ranged from tech enthusiasts to curious minds eager to hear about diverse topics.

An essential aspect of the science slam was to inspire the audience to critically reflect upon and explore the multifaceted field of responsible AI and consider its implications. The event was aimed to ignite their curiosity and encourage them to join a dialogue about responsible AI practices. The audience also voted for their favorite short presentation and ultimately chose a winner.

About the project

Since the first science slam at the Xplanatorium Herrenhausen in 2013, the Volkswagen Foundation has been promoting current scientific issues for a broad audience under the label Xplanatorium - with renowned scientific experts from various research fields and all over Germany.

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