Dr. Stanislaw Piasecki

University of Amsterdam

Piasecki completed a PhD in data protection law at the Horizon Centre for Doctoral Training and Horizon Digital Economy Research, University of Nottingham. He worked as Visiting Researcher at Chuo University in Tokyo on issues related to the regulation of AI in Japan and the European Union. He contributed to the interdisciplinary Defence Against Dark Artefacts (DADA) project on the legal and technical security aspects of the Internet of Things.

Previously, Piasecki was also a Political Analyst at the Embassy of Luxembourg in Warsaw, a trainee at the European Parliament and at the United Nations Institute for Training and Research. He completed MA studies in international law (Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne), EU law (Université Paris-Sud 11 Faculté Jean Monnet) and did a LL.M. at the University of Manchester

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